Joe's Dreyfus Store Restaurant

Presently Joes Dreyfus Store Restaurant is closed
We Hope to Announce A ReOpening Date Soon

                                            Dreyfus Store History 
With sweet tooth and hunger dimming hopes that peddling cookies on a soon to develop street corner in New York City was leading to fame and fortune; newly arrived young Theodore Dreyfus, an 1880s immigrant from Mannheim, Germany, sought employment with New Orleans cousins and was sent to provide "New Management" for a profit challenged Company Store located some 160 miles upriver from New Orleans on Scenic Bayou Grosse Tete in remote and newly bustling Pointe Coupee Parish. Cousins Gumble & Mayer were land developers, business owners and  large planters  who acquired the store, and some surrounding land and plantations shortly after the Civil War.

With Theo as the manager and bayous the main arteries of commerce (roads were very poor) and with the New Orleans to Canada Highway following the bayou and passing in front; the store soon attracted customers for miles around and became a focal point for friends and acquaintances to shop for provisions (the store carried everything from coffee, clothes, groceries and hardware to caskets), exchange news, and enjoy a social outing.

In 1902 Theodore purchased the business from his cousins and with the help of his wife, children, and several clerks continued to build a bustling enterprise that soon included an apothecary (pharmacy), the local Doctor's Office and the local Post Office.  In 1925 a devastating fire leveled the original building which was then rebuilt to approximately its present state with some modifications and additions through the years.  Until 1988 it was operated by third and fourth generations of the Dreyfus family and was one of the oldest Single Family owned businesses in the State of Louisiana.

In 1989 Joe and Diane Major, Restaurateurs Extraordinaire and owners of the renowned Red Barn Restaurant leased the store building and chose to retain the DREYFUS STORE name, ambience, and good will. They wanted the DREYFUS STORE to continue to symbolize warmth and welcome. At this time the DREYFUS STORE became JOE'S DREYFUS STORE RESTAURANT.

In the late summer of 2004, the Majors retired and the Lasseigne Family, Trent, Susan and Chloe of Carencro, Louisiana continued the Rich Traditions, Famous Cooking, and Extraordinarily Good and Downhome Friendly Service of the Dreyfus and Major Families. 2008 - 2012 Bobby Webber and his sister, Linda Webber Ducote continued to serve the Superb, Fresh and Extremely Tasty South Louisiana dishes JOE'S DREYFUS STORE RESTAURANT and LOUISIANA are Famous For at very affordable prices.
                                                          ... The Tradition Continues ...      And That's saying Alot My Friends!